Different Ways A Shower Screen Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Posted on: 15 November 2021

Before considering a bathroom remodel, it is common to wonder if the project will increase your home's value. Shower screens are an investment that will greatly increase your home's value, enabling it to sell faster. They add value by doing the following:

Offering Additional Space

Although using a shower curtain may be cheaper, it doesn't do much for your home. A shower curtain serves the basic function of preventing water from streaming onto the floor from the shower. However, it significantly cuts up space in the room. Further, having to pull a shower curtain across the shower or tub closes off space and makes the bathroom appear smaller.

On the other hand, a shower screen opens up space and makes the room appear larger than it is. Additionally, it offers an almost invisible barrier that keeps the water from streaming to the floor. The light that flows through the glass will help the room appear bigger, and you get the chance to see the entire room as you shower, not just a portion of the room.

Allowing for Customisation

You wouldn't want a shower screen that clashes with the rest of the décor in the bathroom. Fortunately, shower screens are customisable. Therefore, there isn't any chance to get the wrong colour, style or door size for your shower.

Remember, a shower screen that is too tiny for the space will cause more inconveniences like water leaking out and eventually mould growth in the bathroom. The customisable shower screens allow you to choose a size, design, shape and cut of your choice.

Giving Your Bathroom a Modern Look

A home with a modern appearance fetches more than one with outdated décor. If you would like to design your bathroom according to the most recent trend, shower screens can help. They create a contemporary and spa-like appearance. For instance, glass offers a sleek look with a modern feel, which is simple but elegant. When attempting to achieve a modern look, more is always less. A clear shower screen may seem simpler than a bulky and colourful shower curtain, but it offers a contemporary style.

Furthermore, shower screens also add to the luxury of your room. Since it is customisable, you can get a specific design that fits perfectly and makes a bold statement.


Shower screens are a worthy investment that helps create a tranquil space, good appeal, improves the shower experience and helps raise the value of your home. However, you need to hire an expert to handle the shower screen installation to reap these benefits. For more information, contact a shower screen supplier.


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