Are Glass Splashbacks the Best Choice for Your Home?

6 Jul

Glass splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular in homes today, as they work with any type of home d├ęcor and style. They are also very durable; the glass used is not the same as the glass used for drinking glasses or even windows, but is a tempered glass meant to withstand heat. Note when glass splashbacks […]

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Windscreen Repair

26 Jan

Getting your car’s windscreen repaired is not as expensive or time-consuming as many people think, and yet they still often put off the job for as long as possible. They may not realize that it’s more affordable than they assume and that it can be done very quickly, or they may not realize the consequences […]

Commonly Asked Questions About New Windows and Glass for Home

11 Dec

Getting new windows may be a big investment for your home, which is why you want to understand your options when it comes to the glass you choose for your windows. The right glass will keep your home insulated and secure, whereas buying windows simply because they’re cheap may mean thin glass that lets out […]

Why Call for Emergency Glass Repair for Any Type of Crack or Chip in a Window

24 Aug

When a home window has suffered a crack or chip, you don’t want to ignore this or think that you can call for repair or replacement when it’s convenient for you. A crack or chip of any sort in a window should warrant a call for emergency glass repair, especially if the crack is very […]

Repairing a Cracked Windscreen Using a Bridge Windshield Repair Kit

6 Aug

For the following repair technique, you will require: – A bridge windshield repair kit – Cellophane – Access to sunlight (or a UV lamp) – A razor blade – Glass cleanser Before undergoing bridge repair, survey both the crack in question and as well as other windows on the car. Make sure that there is […]

Glass Repair: Repairing Cracks And Chips With Crystalline Resin

15 May

Although the glass of most windows is structurally reinforced and capable of tolerating a large amount of impact, it is susceptible to chipping or cracking with time. Cracks that are shorter than 12 inches in length and chips that are smaller than a quarter in diameter can be repaired, and the glass does not need […]

3 Factors Tampering with the Effectiveness of Double Glazing in Sound Attenuation

6 May

One advantage that double-glazing offers home occupants is sound attenuation. Sound from outside the home is kept out, while the sound generated from inside the home (such as loud music) stays inside the home. However, several factors influence the effectiveness of this sound attenuation. This article discusses some of those factors. The Heaviness of the […]

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Comfortable and Healthy Every Day

17 Apr

Owning a pet is a responsibility that no one should take lightly. Pets have certain needs that must be met every day in order to keep them healthy and happy, and these needs go beyond a dish of food and some water. Note a few tips for keeping your pets comfortable and healthy every day, […]

Repair Or Replace Your Car Windshield: The Vital Factors That Should Affect Your Decision

13 Apr

Has your car windshield received some damage and you are wondering if the correct course of action would be to replace or repair it? The benefit of repairing your window is that it will be much cheaper than replacing it, but in the event that your windshield cannot be repaired then you have no other […]

3 Important Considerations When Selecting Triple Glazed Commercial Windows

9 Apr

Initially, triple glazed windows were viewed as a preserve of “environmental zealots” who had the means to indulge their passion for energy efficiency. However, that has now changed because spiraling energy costs and tough regulations now demand a high degree of energy efficiency in construction. It is now very important to know how to select […]

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