4 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Comfortable and Healthy Every Day

Posted on: 17 April 2015

Owning a pet is a responsibility that no one should take lightly. Pets have certain needs that must be met every day in order to keep them healthy and happy, and these needs go beyond a dish of food and some water. Note a few tips for keeping your pets comfortable and healthy every day, and which may also help you to avoid unnecessary vet bills.

1. Know What You Shouldn't Feed Them

Remember that pets are not people when it comes to their diet, and while some "people food" may be shared with your pet, some will make them downright sick. A dog should never be given garlic and cats cannot handle digesting popcorn, just to give you a few examples. No matter your pet, be sure you've done your homework on what foods they should not eat before you feed them any table scraps.

2. Know How to Groom Them Properly

Grooming your pet can keep it healthy, but you need to understand how to do this properly. For instance, cats and other pets with shorter hair may need grooming every week whereas those with long hair may need it every day. Ask your vet for specific advice that will work for your pet and be sure you follow that advice so their coat and skin is healthy.

3. Make Sure They Have a Comfortable Bed

An animal that sleeps on a cold linoleum kitchen floor is bound to wind up with joint problems and even digestive issues, as would happen with humans who would do the same thing. Your pet should always have a comfortable bed; for dogs and cats, that can be a simple animal pillow you purchase from the pet supply store. For gerbils and rodents, they may need newspaper to create bedding. You can ask your vet for advice but whatever your pet, be sure they have a comfortable place for sleeping.

4. Install a Dog or Cat Door

Animals should have the ability to relieve themselves whenever necessary, so consider installing a dog or cat door for outdoor animals. These don't need to be very big and they can be put into any type of door no matter the material. Not only is this more comfortable for your pet but it can also help to avoid kidney infections and other problems that are common from not being able to relieve themselves when necessary. It also means not having to get up and open the door for them every time they need to get in and out of the house! For more information, contact Professional Glass & Maintenance. 


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