3 Important Considerations When Selecting Triple Glazed Commercial Windows

Posted on: 9 April 2015

Initially, triple glazed windows were viewed as a preserve of "environmental zealots" who had the means to indulge their passion for energy efficiency. However, that has now changed because spiraling energy costs and tough regulations now demand a high degree of energy efficiency in construction. It is now very important to know how to select energy efficient products (like triple glazed windows) so that you get value for money. This article discusses the factors you should have in mind as you select triple glazed (three-layered) windows.

How the Windows Open

Windows can open inward, or outward. While this may not seem like a big difference, the opening direction of windows has an effect on what additional steps you can take to beef up energy efficiency.

For instance, inward closing triple-glazed windows have a large portion of their frame outside. That frame can be covered with an additional layer of insulation so that greater energy efficiency is realised. This possibility is difficult to achieve if you buy windows that open outwards because the largest part of their frame is inside the house so extra insulation is hard to add. This is because the insulation looks unappealing if it is installed inside the building so one must spent more money to buy high-end insulating material that can be installed inside.

The Type of Frame

Triple-glazed windows are generally very heavy because the frame must be large enough to contain those three layers of glass. The glass itself is heavy to reduce heat loss. As you buy triple-glazed windows, pay attention to the frame material since this can have an effect on the overall weight of the window.

For instance, wood frames are very heavy when compared to fiberglass frames that are less heavy than timber. Consult with your building contractor so that you select a frame type that will not be too heavy for your building's structure.

Gas Retention Ability

Glass layers have inert gases like Argon in between them. This gas is a poor conductor of heat so it prevents heat from moving from one glass layer to the next. Thus, the thermal insulation ability of your windows will depend on how long this gas remains in that space between the glass layers.

Commercial glazing comes with an indication of how much gas a particular triple-glazed window can lose each year. Only buy windows with a low percentage (such as 1%) loss of glass per year so that you can be sure that the windows will perform their thermal insulation role for a long time.

Use the information above to compare different brands of glazing and select the windows that offer you the best performance on the parameters discussed. For more information, consult resources such as South Melbourne Glass.


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