Top Reasons to Install Frameless Shower Screens In All of Your Rental Property Bathrooms

Posted on: 27 January 2022

If you are the owner of one or more rental properties, you have to make the right decisions when repairing or improving your properties. You might want to spend a little bit of time making the right improvements to the bathrooms in each of your rental properties, and if so, then you could be wondering what you should do about the showers. If you are thinking that installing shower curtains instead of shower screens is going to be the better and more economical option, you may want to look a little more into your options. Shower screens could be an excellent addition to all of the bathrooms in all of your rental properties for these reasons.

There Are Options in All Sizes and Styles

In some rental properties, showers are on the smaller side. This might be the case if your rental properties are small flats, for example. You could be worried that setting up a shower screen isn't going to be a viable option because of the smaller size of your rental property showers. However, shower screens can be custom-made to suit whatever bathroom you might be installing them in. On the other hand, custom shower screens will work out well in larger, more luxurious rental properties with much bigger showers, too.

Ensure Tenants Protect the Floor and Walls

As someone who rents out properties to others, you might already know as a landlord just how damaging water can be. You might have had situations in the past where your tenants did not use shower curtains properly and therefore allowed water to find its way out of the shower and elsewhere in the bathroom. If this has happened, then you might want to prevent it in the future. By installing shower screens, you can help protect the floors, walls, and more in each of your rental property bathrooms, all without having to rely on your tenants to use shower curtains.

Provide a More Luxurious Look

If you want your rental properties to look more appealing so that more people will want to rent them, then you should pay attention to the bathrooms. After all, these are rooms that can start looking outdated pretty quickly. Frameless shower screens can make rental properties more appealing for tenants who want a more luxurious property or who just want to make cleaning easier for themselves. If you make a few other changes in each bathroom, then this can take things even further and make it that much easier for you to find renters.


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