Shower Screens: Three Tips for Purchasing Glass Enclosure Supplies

Posted on: 11 June 2021

If you are thinking about installing a shower screen in your bathroom, consider choosing a glass enclosure. In general, glass is favourable over alternative materials because of its appeal. The clean and minimalistic appearance is unrivalled. Also, the surfaces are nonporous, so the enclosure will not be vulnerable to mould and mildew growth. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining a glass enclosure is simple. However, the performance of glass shower screens can be compromised by a poor choice of supplies. Here are essential guidelines for choosing the best glass products for your needs.

Think About Framing

The most critical issue to address when planning for a glass shower enclosure is the need for frames. The best choice will depend on personal taste, so think about your preferences before deciding. Frameless glass screens are popular because of their uninterrupted structure. The lack of metal frames gives an exceptionally sleek appearance. However, the cost of the design and installation is high. Frameless glass enclosures have a more traditional appearance and are cheaper. However, the frames might be obtrusive.

Consider Thickness

The thickness of the glass used in building a shower enclosure will determine the durability of the structure. Therefore, consider the options and find the right match. In general, thicker glass panels are favourable because of their tougher structure. They can withstand more stress without breakage. However, the cost of purchase is higher. Moreover, the materials are heavier, so handling is more difficult during installation. Keep in mind that glass enclosures with frames can have thinner panes because of the additional support. Frameless glass panels have higher minimum thickness requirements because of the lack of support.

Evaluate Appearance

The appearance of the glass is an important factor in the construction of a glass enclosure. The shower screen must match or elevate the design of the bathroom. Moreover, the appearance will influence the level of privacy afforded to the user. If you are looking for a minimalistic enclosure and have no privacy concerns, choose clear glass for the screen. This clean look is perfect because it has an unobtrusive characteristic. The clarity also opens up the interior space, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. If you are interested in a more unique look or a higher level of privacy, look into frosted or tinted glass products. These options are perfect if you want the glass enclosure to be a separate haven.

Finally, choose the right hardware to support the glass shower screen. Avoid incompatible or unsuitable products which could compromise enclosure performance. 


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