Ways a Frameless Glass Shower Enhances a Bathroom

Posted on: 22 January 2021

If you're renovating your bathroom, you might want to reflect on what kind of shower to put in place. One alternative to consider is a frameless glass shower. To discover how these enclosures make a bathroom better, read on.

Creates an Open Feeling

A frameless glass shower helps to create a sense of openness and space in a room. As they allow your eyes to roam to all corners, including the walls within the shower, the bathroom tends to feel like one integrated space. Conversely, shower curtains or heavy framing visually separate the shower from the centre floor space. If your bathroom is small, you can use these frameless-glass qualities to make it seem bigger. Once the bathroom is done, you'll be better able to luxuriate in an open space, rather than a cramped, confined one.

Offers Shape and Size Variations

When building a frameless glass shower, you can design any size or shape enclosure you wish to fit in with your home. You could construct a square, rectangular, hexagonal, or curved shower. You can save space in a small bathroom by inserting a round or hexagon-shaped shower in the room corner. To conserve additional space, you might opt for a compact enclosure that creates added general open area. Alternatively, in a spacious bathroom, insert a vast shower with a stone bench on which you can relax and spread out cosmetics.

Adds More Decorative Options

When installing a glass shower, you can customise the screens to produce varied effects, which allows you to perfect the bathroom design. For instance, select between standard clear glass, which has a faint green cast, and ultra-transparent low-iron screens without any tint. Both options will reflect light, creating a brighter bathroom and a modern feel.

Alternatively, install frosted glass with a silver sheen gives you privacy while showering. The frosting comes in various decorative patterns, some exquisite and delicate, and others, organic and free-flowing. You can integrate the shower screens with different decoration options by choosing the appropriate etching, such as vintage or traditional.

Frosted screens also provide the opportunity to unify the overall design, regardless of the style. If the bathroom wall features an arch-shaped mirror, you could include that same arch shape within the etching. In a bathroom with ornate light fittings and scrolled furniture, you could instil similar decorative curves and scrolls within the screens to echo the shapes and maintain a consistent theme.


Stained glass features

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