Are Glass Splashbacks the Best Choice for Your Home?

Posted on: 6 July 2016

Glass splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular in homes today, as they work with any type of home décor and style. They are also very durable; the glass used is not the same as the glass used for drinking glasses or even windows, but is a tempered glass meant to withstand heat. Note when glass splashbacks might be a good choice for a home and you can then determine if they are the best style for your kitchen.

When you want to change the color of the walls often

Once you add most types of splashbacks, you are simply stuck with that design or style until you're ready to scrape tile off the wall or pull metal away from its adhesive. However, you can add a paint color to your walls and then add a glass splashback with simple connectors on all corners. This allows the glass to protect the wall without being actually glued to it like tile. If you want a change of style, you can remove the splashback, repaint the wall, and reinstall the splashback. This results in very little repair work needed after you make this change, and you have a new look in your kitchen just that easily.

If you need to soften the look of stainless steel and wood

Stainless steel appliances are very popular, but they can look a bit industrial in a kitchen. Wood is also a traditional choice for cabinets and flooring, but it can seem very dark and drab. By adding glass splashbacks, you soften the look of steel with this natural element in the kitchen and are not allowing a dark wood tone to make your kitchen seem closed-in. If you struggle to find a type of tile that will work well against these other surfaces, glass can be a better and more neutral option.

You're very eco-conscious

Some types of tile require blasting and other damaging methods for harvesting their stone. While metal is very easy to recycle, the heat and emissions created at plants for the smelting process of preparing metal can be damaging to the environment. However, glass is made from materials that are easy to harvest and which are abundantly available. It's also easy to recycle glass; it can simply be ground down and added to new glass mixtures. If you want an eco-friendly choice for your home and one that you know doesn't harm the environment, glass may be the best option.


Stained glass features

I love seeing old stained glass features in churches and historic buildings. Not only do stained glass features let in light, but they are also beautiful works of art. One of these days I'm going to a build a big house where I can have features of stained glass in all my living rooms. That's still a little way away so in the mean time I'm starting a website to collect the ideas, images and inspirations I find online. That way when I finally do have enough money saved I should be ready to go! If you like stained glass, you'll love this site.