Why Call for Emergency Glass Repair for Any Type of Crack or Chip in a Window

Posted on: 24 August 2015

When a home window has suffered a crack or chip, you don't want to ignore this or think that you can call for repair or replacement when it's convenient for you. A crack or chip of any sort in a window should warrant a call for emergency glass repair, especially if the crack is very long. Note why that is and why you shouldn't put off getting the window repaired as quickly as possible.

1. Cracks and chips can mean shattered glass

The weight of a window is constantly pushing down on it from all sides, and when there is a crack or chip in the window, this support is now compromised. Even if you don't touch the glass when it's chipped or cracked, this weight alone can mean that the glass suddenly shatters. A small chip or crack can start to grow, and any glass on top of it or on the sides of the damaged area can shatter and break very easily.

Note that this can happen at any time, even in the middle of the night, long after the chip or crack appears. Don't assume that if the weight has held for several hours then your glass should be strong enough to stay together until you can get the window replaced. You also don't want to assume that masking or electrical tape will keep the window together, as this type of adhesive won't provide the support the glass needs to keep it from shattering. Typically all that will happen with this homemade fix is that the glass will still break and the tape will do nothing but keep the pieces from flying, not stop the pane itself from shattering.

2. Small chips and cracks can sometimes be filled in

When a pane of glass has a small chip or crack, this can sometimes be filled in with a clear resin that dries and which then holds the glass together while remaining invisible. However, this resin can often be used only in smaller areas, usually no larger than the size of a coin. If you were to ignore the chip or crack and wait to have it repaired, the chip could turn into a crack and the crack could then easily grow. It may become too long to be filled in with resin and you would need to replace the entire pane of glass. To avoid this added expense, call for emergency repairs as soon as possible so you pay for only the smallest and quickest repair necessary for your glass.


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