Repair Or Replace Your Car Windshield: The Vital Factors That Should Affect Your Decision

Posted on: 13 April 2015

Has your car windshield received some damage and you are wondering if the correct course of action would be to replace or repair it? The benefit of repairing your window is that it will be much cheaper than replacing it, but in the event that your windshield cannot be repaired then you have no other choice left than to replace. To come up with an informed decision check out the following factors that should be kept in mind:

Location of damage: the problem with repairing a windshield is that it will leave behind some kind of inconsistency in the glass. If this is in the corner of the windshield where you are not going to notice it then that's not a problem. On the other hand, if it is directly in the driver's line of sight then it can be annoying and make it more difficult for the driver to see. Even if your windshield is repairable you should consider getting it replaced when the driver's vision is in question.

Type of crack: cracks on a windshield can be of various types, and the type you have on your windshield will play a role in determining if you need it replaced or not.  For example, a pit, which is typically a small section of glass that's missing, can be easily repaired. Whereas two star cracks alongside each other might be more difficult to repair. A star crack has an obvious impact point at the center and radial lines run outwards in all directions.

Size of crack: regardless of what type of crack it is, if it's too big then it means the windshield must be replaced. For single star cracks, if the size of the crack is not larger than your fist then it can be repaired – any bigger and it's probably best to get it replaced. However, some windshields and the garages that repair them use industry leading technology. This might allow windshields with cracks of up to 45 centimetres to be repaired. Therefore, you should check with a technician before making the final decision about whether to repair or replace.

Increase value of car: if you are planning on using the car in question for many years to come, then you might be happy with a repair that will leave a mark behind. However, if you wish to sell the car in the near future, then a replacement job might be better since there will be no mark left behind to put off a buyer.

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